Our Project Management Courses Include:

Project Management Info Session
Project Management Intro/Overview
CAPM Certification Prep
Project Management Fundamentals
Microsoft Project
PMP Prep

The Project Management Institute (PMI) requires obtaining a certain number of PDUs to keep your certification current. The PMP certification requires 60 PDUS per 3 -year cycle. Keep your project management certification up to date with our Professional Development Units curriculum.
Course topics include training in best practices, and current applications, in Integration, Scope, Time, Cost, Quality, Human Resource, Communications, Risk, Procurement, and Stakeholder Management.
​You will also learn about the latest updates in the certification exam, as well as what aspects of the project management discipline have improved and changed to suit current and future business operations.

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PMP Prep:  Foundational Concepts 

Project Management Certification Prep Courses
Meet the requirement of course hours to take the exams
Understand how to take the exam effectively
Exam:  200 M/C questions / 4.5 hours / CBT or PBT
3 year certification period (PD courses to maintain)
Process:  Application/Approval/Schedule/Take/Pass!

Project Management Certification
Measures/Validates PM competencies
A differentiator against the competition
Plugs you in!  
Gives you confidence:  set goal/plan/work/reach!
Gives you tools to draw upon when needed.
“Experience is the greatest teacher," a certification "rounds you out”
You can be a better mentor
Establishes you as a continuous learner
Will enable you to make more money, average PMP salary >$100K+
Enables you to better evaluate the talents and skills of others
Gets your foot in the door in a new area•Better job opportunities
Officially recognized by leading companies

 Project Management Training -Gives knowledge/tools/techniques to:

Effectively use resources to their maximum capacity.
Maximize return on investment for personal/professional projects
Recognize shortcomings in personal/professional projects
Identify organization's core competences, and areas of focused improvement 
Add credibility to your professional profile 
Increase your overall position/recognition/ value in marketplace.
Understand what topics are on the PMP exam

Project Management Skills

Globally recognized skill set

Skills that can be applied to any industry/any level/any size

Gives you an edge in the competitive global marketplace

Establish/ clearly understand how to ensure project’s success

Incorporate PM tools in business and personal practices

Now you can affordably study for the PMP exam at your own pace, using our Guided Virtual Training.
​Courses taught by Certified PMP Instructors, and include narrated slides that covers in-depth instruction of:

10 Knowledge Areas  /   5 Process Groups  /   49 Processes

~650+ Inputs/Tools and Techniques/Outputs

Recommended Text:  
PMBOK - 6th Edition  /   Andy Crowe - How to Pass the PMP on Your First  Try  PMP Exam Prep,

Eighth Edition: Rita's Course in a Book for Passing the PMP Exam